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What's going on in Catalonia?

After almost 300 hundred years after the violent and bloody dissolution of the Catalan Corts by Spain and France, Catalonia is still being treated as a colony by Spain. It's time for a change.

Today Catalonia have the dubious honor of maintaining the highest tax in the EU. Not only that but besides paying taxes the money never goes back to Catalonia. Spain and Spanish nationalism seem to don't understand Catalonia is a nation ( as stated on the constitution) and they constantly attack the language of Catalonia, it's traditions, history and economy. 

One video that shows our nowadays reality:



Another video of Pau Casals, talking about Catalonia in the United Nations in 1971:




The Principality of Catalonia (CatalanPrincipat de CatalunyaOccitanPrincipautat de CatalonhaLatinPrincipatus Cathaloniae), is a historic territory in the northeastern Iberian Peninsula, mostly in Spain and with an adjoining portion in southernFrance.

The first reference to Catalonia and the Catalans appears in the Liber maiolichinus de gestis Pisanorum illustribus, a Pisan chronicle of the conquest of Minorca by a joint force of ItaliansCatalans, and Occitans. At the time, Catalonia did not yet exist as a political entity, though the use of this term seems to acknowledge Catalonia as a cultural or geographical entity.

The counties that would eventually make up the Principality of Catalonia were gradually unified under the rule of the Count of Barcelona. In 1137, the County of Barcelona was unified dynastically to the Crown of Aragon, but Aragon and the Catalan Counties retained their own political structure and legal traditions. Because of these legal differences and their use of different language—Aragonese and Catalan—an official recognition of the Catalan Counties as a distinct political entity became necessary.

Under Alfons the Troubador, Catalonia was first used legally.[1] Still, the term Principality of Catalonia was not used legally until the Fourteenth Century, when it was applied to the territories ruled by the Court of Catalonia.

The term "Principality of Catalonia" remained in use until the Second Spanish Republic, when its use declined because of its historical relation to the monarchy. Today, the term is used primarily by Catalan nationalists and independentists to refer collectively to the French and Spanish-administered parts of Catalonia.


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